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Koala® Flexfit Smartwatch

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Koality Lifestyle Made Possible

Koala® is a proudly Filipino brand who believes that quality technology should not be a luxury, but a lifestyle that can be experienced by those who desire it.

Function, fashion and value for money – that’s the Koala® mentality. From these three pillars, we strive to uphold our promise through the constant pursuit of innovative solutions. With us, nothing is ever compromised.

Only Koala® can offer you smart devices with superior features at affordable prices. Every piece is designed with you in mind. If you’re wise, you wouldn’t think twice.

"Lovin’ my new Koala (Flexfit) watch!"

Monitors my bp which is a good thing for me. I love its jet black color as this will go well with my daily outfit. Looks expensive but really comes at an affordable price tag. Just wow! Good job Koala PH!

Roselle Mapilisan

"Flexfit is somewhat a lifesaver for me”

Being a student, I neglect my health and put my academics first. The features of this smartwatch is bomb & a reminder to always check my health. Price is affordable & worth it.

Denise Sophia Alconcer

"Hinding hindi kayo mapapahiya"

Tangkilikin ang sariling atin! Ang Flexfit Smartwatch ay legit mga besh! Mas matagal malowbat kumpara sa Iwatch. Maganda pangregalo sa mga loved ones.

Che Ru Bim

"Beautiful display built for the active lifestyle"

Keeps an eye on your health 24/7 with all-day health monitoring features like blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Great battery life. Will recommend this to my friends.

Peejay Cabrera De Guzman