Koality Assurance Guidelines

Hi there!
Bear in mind that Koala products are handled with best care and high koality standards. But, should you find something in your product that bothers you, we are always here to help!

Koala offers 6 months replacement warranty for non-registered users and 12 months replacement warranty for registered Koality Assurance Card members, beginning from the date ordered.

If your product is defective, do the following steps to request for replacement:
1. Take a clear video of the defect.
2. For unregistered users, take a clear photo of your receipt.
3. Click the Send Report button below.
4. If approved, we will arrange pick-up for your defective item with all the things it came with.
5. Once defective item is received, your replacement will be processed and delivered back to your door.

You do note!
That only factory, production or seller mishandling defects will be eligible for replacement. Damage caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, alteration and tampering will not be covered by the warranty. Missing parts should be reported two weeks after purchase.
Hope this helps, bear!

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